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I highly recommened purchasing Aaron Wall's Search Engine Optimization Book, "SEO Book".

I believe that anyone, from SEO "experts" to newbies, to anyone with an interest in what it takes to get traffic, will walk away from your book with some of what I'd consider the most valuable information in the world. I know that personally I took notes, and explored eneough web sites through reading your book, that gained me some great ideas and knowledge for specific things I should/could be doing to futher my optimization efforts.

- SMS, Owner of Web Page Optimization

Yahoo WebRank Check
Use this great tool from Digital Point to check your websites rank within Yahoo. This tools is great because it does not require the Yahoo toolbar to be installed and you can simply check the various web ranks of sites throughout Yahoo.

Get Yahoo! WebRank For:

Link Popularity Check
The link popularity check is a free service that measures online web page visibility. Compare to rank of your site amongst your competitors and gain valuable insight on what other web page optimization techniques your can implement with the link popularity check.

Link popularity is the total number of web sites that link to your site and it is an important factor in how well your web site ranks.

Check your link popularity across five major search engines.
Enter your URL here:


Optional: Compare your results to another URL


Search Enginge Saturation Tool
This search engine ranking tool measures the number of pages a given search engine has in its index for your website. This tool reports how many of your pages are indexed by Google, AlltheWeb, AltaVista and HotBot.

Verfiy the number of listings for your website contained in Google, HotBot, AltaVista, and AlltheWeb. Submit your URL and compare it to your competitor.

Enter your URL here:


Optional: Compare your results to another URL


Search Engine Position Tool
Check to see if your website has any positions in the major search engines for your specific search term. It reports the existance of your website (in the first three results pages) across all major search engines and directories.

This tool verifies your website appears in the first three results pages in major search engines for your keyword or phrase.

Enter your URL here:


Enter your keyword or key phrase:

HTML Validator
This free service checks HTML documents for conformance to W3C standards and other recommendations. This HTML validator will return any errors within the HTML page that may cost you rankings in major search engines.

Banner Ad Design
Banner ad design, banner design tools and resources.

Keyword Verification Check
Check your web page ranking for top search engine placement in the major search engines.

Meta Tag Generator Tool
Simple add your title, keywords and description into this tool and your meta tags will be automatically generated. Simply copy and paste into your HTML document.

SEO Doctor
This web page optimization tool checks the overall performance of individual HTML pages. After submitting your URL and targeted keywords the generated report provides you with details and suggestions for all elements of your optimized web page.

Stop digging through server log files hunting for Google and Inktomi IP addresses. SpyderTrax Crawler Listings are easy to read web-based reports deatiling what specific search engine spiders are visting your individual pages.

SpyderTrax can be installed on all of your web pages for only $100.

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