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Pennsylvania Search Engine Optimization Companies

Welcome to the Pennsylvania web page optimization and SEO directory page.

Top: Pennsylvania Companies

Pennsylvania Search Engine Optimization Company
Pennsylvania search engine optimization company providing SEO and website design for your web site.

Pittsburgh Web Design Company
The Pittsburgh Design Agency specializes in the design and optimization of high-quality websites at very reasonable and affordable prices.

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Philadelphia – Philadelphia’s nickname is “the city of brotherly love”. It is the home of the famous Liberty Bell. Philadelphia is rich in history and is one of the country’s oldest and most important cities for gaining our freedom.

Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh is known for its importance to the steel industry, and the NFL football team from there is called the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh has been the scene of over 15 movies and was the hometown for Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

Lancaster – Lancaster has one of the largest Amish populations in the US. The city was actually the US capital for one day in 1777. It is home to the Fulton Opera House, the oldest continuous theatre in the country.

Reading – The city of Reading is famous for its Reading Railroad, which is also a part of the board game Monopoly. There is a large Chinese Pagoda in the city on top of a hill that can be seen from all around. Reading has many outlet stores, and Boscov’s Department stores were founded there.

Scranton – Scranton is the first US city to have streetcars run entirely on electric power, giving it the nickname “the electric city”. Scranton is Pennsylvania’s fifth most populated city.

Erie – Erie was named as such because the city is located on Lake Erie. Director of homeland security Tom Ridge is from Erie. The city’s biggest employer is GE Transportation Systems, builders of locomotives.

Allentown – Billy Joel once wrote a song entitled Allentown and based the song on the city. Allentown is home to the corporate headquarters of Mack Trucks. The city is Pennsylvania’s third most populated city.

Wilkes-Barre – Wilkes-Barre is known as an important coal mining city. The city is home to Planters Peanuts, which started there in 1906. Wilkes-Barre’s current mayor is Thomas Leighton.

Bethlehem – The city of Bethlehem, PA is in fact named after the famous place of Christ’s birth. It was the birthplace of professional wrestler and actor The Rock. Bethlehem is a popular place for tourists to visit during the Christmas season.

Harrisburg – Harrisburg is the capital city of Pennsylvania. The city is the location of the famous Three Mile Island nuclear accident. The Pennsylvania Railroad’s main line runs through Harrisburg.

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