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Canada Search Engine Optimization Companies

Welcome to the Canada web page optimization and SEO directory page.

Top: Canada

Avalanche Networks Corporation
Provides a complete spectrum of Internet-based products and services, located in Ontario, Canada.

Search Engine People - Canadian Search Engine Positioning Experts
Canadian SEO firm with a solid reputation for success. Clients include the Who's Who of Canadian internet!

Netmar Solutions - Internet marketing and SEO services
Affordable seo expert services from seo specialist for website and internet marketing through top search engine ranking using seo strategy solutions such as keyword analysis and link popularity.

Search Engine Positioning Tool
Search engine positioning tool and content injection technology. SEO Doctor allows webmaster to inject content for the search engines and change that content for each engine for top search engine positioning.

Toronto Search Engine Optimization
Toronto Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), internet promotion, search engine optimization and SEO web marketing for clients everywhere on the web.


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Canada is located on the continent of North America, and is located right above the United States. The country of Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories, and each has its own capital city. Overall, the climate of Canada is cool, with the northern portion of the country bearing tundra-like properties. The country is dotted with mountain ranges, forests, and many lakes and rivers. There are 38 national parks in Canada. The Rocky and Appalachian mountains stretch from the United States into Canada. Canada is a constitutional monarchy but also has a parliament. Its flag is represented by a red maple leaf, a common tree found in the country. Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in Canada, and famous NHL player Wayne Gretzky is from Canada. “O, Canada” is the country’s national anthem. The population of Canada is around 35 million. The country recognizes a National healthcare system, meaning all citizens are eligible to receive healthcare free of charge upon delivery. Many people in the United States have debated that they should begin looking at the healthcare practices of Canada as a future model.

Canada is largely Christian and Catholic, and a combination of English and French is the native tongue. Canada’s largest export is automobile parts. The country uses the Canadian dollar as its currency, which is divided into 100 cents, just like the American dollar. Toronto is the largest city in Canada, followed by Montreal and Vancouver. Aside from Canadian, the next largest ethnic group is British. The police in Canada are known as “Mounties”, mostly because they can usually be seen riding on horses. Common animals seen in Canada include geese and moose. Canada is the second largest country in the world next to Russia. Almost 85% of the population of Canada lives within 300 KM of the United States border.

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