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Optimizing for Individual Search Engines

If creating a web site and that's visually appealing and contains original content wasn't difficult enough, now you face the task of optimizing for the individual engines. A well optimized web page for one engine may not guarantee you good placement in the others. Thus begins the task of primarily optimizing for one specific search engine or web page optimization that will rank high across the board.

The main search engines (and 2 Directories):

Google Web Page Optimization

Google origins began at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA and first opened it's doors (a garage door that is) in September 1998. Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google is now one of the most popular search engines in the world. It's even becoming hard to watch a television show or movie these days without some reference to Google or being Googled.

Google places a large emphasis on keyword rich text and incoming links when deciding the rank of web pages. Although Google's "Dances" have confused many, Google maintains it's goal is to provide relevant search results for end users.

Click here for Google Web Page Optimization
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Inktomi Web Page Optimization

Staking it's claim in the world wide web in September of 1995, Inktomi claimed to have the largest web index of pages. Inktomi's first major customer was HotBot and Inktomi was also the first of it's kind to offer paid inclusion for search engine listings.

On March 19, 2003 Yahoo completed it's acquisition of Inktomi. Claiming the combination of Yahoo's household presence, and the leading search technology of Inktomi, that the two combined would bring the highest quality searches offered on the web.

Click here for Inktomi Web Page Optimization

Yahoo Web Page Optimization

Yahoo was created in April 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yang at Stanford University. Unlike spider-based engine such as Altavista, Yahoo was created to be a directory to keep track of the two students interests on the Internet. By 1995 Yahoo was occupying space in Netscape's offices and Yahoo went public in 1996. In just a few years yahoo went from a hobby to the initial one-stop-shop on the internet for all your needs.

The core of Yahoo optimization lies within it's human edited directory. Getting a prime listing in their directory the first time is the key.

Click here for information on submitting to the Yahoo Directory

DMOZ Open Directory

DMOZ, or the Open Directory Project is a human edited directory of the Internet. Whereas search engines such as Google and Inktomi spider web sites, DMOZ simply sits and waits for you to submit your web site. The Open Directory Project is 100% free, supplies directory results to multiple search engines and ensure only relevant sites are returned during a search.

Click here for information on submitting to the DMOZ Directory

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