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Inktomi Web Page Optimization

What Does Inktomi Service?

Inktomi Web Page OptimizationInktomi provides primary search engine results to HotBot and secondary search engine results to Excite, Looksmart, MSN and Overture.

HotBot in return receives paid results from Overture and directory search results from DMOZ (Open Directory).

If you would like a glimpse of "The Bigger Picture" check out this search engine decoder.

Starting to think that Inktomi Optimization is a smart move yet? Good, since Inktomi processes over 80 million search requests per day reaching %80 of Internet users. That's a great deal of potential just waiting for you, so lets get started.

Add URL Inktomi - Inktomi Submission - Yahoo Site Match

A listing with the major Search Engines can dramatically increase your website traffic, but it now takes anywhere up to 6 months for a new URL to be added. With our exclusive program your URL will be added in 48 hours and refreshed every 48 hours for a 12 month period - GUARANTEED!

A priority listing GUARANTEES that your URL is added within 48 hours on most engines

  • Express 48 hour search engine inclusion.
  • Your URL will be refreshed every 48 hours for a 12 month period.
  • Guaranteed inclusion and higher placement on some engines.
  • Comprehensive click-through and keyword reports.
  • Ranking reports to monitor your placement and positioning.
  • Convenient, one step process, to include your pages on the major engines via a single interface.
  • Pay per click service, which is great for websites that are not particularly search engine friendly.
  • With the pay per click service, you can specify the keywords that you wish your site to be found under.
  • Interested in this service? Email us here and we can help.

What Does Inktomi Look For?

In the eyes of Inktomi (or the eyes of it's bot Slurp) content reigns king. Almost all factors of your web page from the url to the body copy are taken into effect when deciding the relevance and rank of your web page. And with the recent happenings of Yahoo dropping Google results and replacing them with Inktomi, you should definitely brush up on your Inktomi / Yahoo optimization skills.

Keywords - Keywords- Keywords
If content is king then your keywords are heir to the throne. Inktomi loves keyword rich content and the higher, the better. Now remember you want to create good relevant content and not to deliberately sabotage your content with absurd amounts of keywords. If you can get them in where they make sense and add value your halfway there. The old saying, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink" comes into play here. You can get visitors to your site but unless they can understand what your trying to convey, they won't stay and will not return.

Meta Tags
Plain and simple.. meta tags work! Regardless if certain search engines (Google) place no weight on them, if done correctly will not hurt you in alternate engines. Whether or not you primary goal is the rank well across the board, Inktomi likes your description tag. The optimal description tag is between 12 and 24 words including your keywords. Don't go overboard but don't forget about them.

As far as your keyword tag goes, the optimal length is between 7 and 48 words. A general rule of thumb is the keep your keyword density to repeating between 1- 3 times depending on the amount of words you decide upon using. Don't forget to use commas to separate keywords with no spaces.

Example: Here is an example from a top ranking site on Inktomi for the keywords "weight loss pills"

<meta name="keywords" content="zantrex-3,ephedra free,weight loss,ephedrine,weight loss pills,weight loss information,weight loss products,zantrex-3,relacore,ephedra free,weight loss pills,rapid weight loss,zantrex-3">

Choosing a URL
Don't forget about incorporating your keywords into your URL, if you have the option that is. If you don't have the option, consider purchasing a second domain name with your keywords in it. Again, don't go overboard and use dashes to separate the words, i.e. www. my-keyword-web-page.com.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to use a good domain name with your keywords in it, shy away from using the same keywords and html file names.

Inktomi Submission - Getting Listed
Inktomi offers 2 ways to get listed with them.

    1. Submit to Inktomi by our paid inclusion service
    2. Wait for Inktomi to find you

Click here for for more information on Paid Inclusion vs. Free

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