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Web Page Optimization for Google

Who Does Google Service?

Google Web Page OptimizationGoogle provides primary search engine results to Alexa, paid results to Ask Jeeves, Teoma & Hot Bot as well as primary & paid results to AOL, Netscape & Go.com. Google also receives directory results from DMOZ. As of 2/18/04 Google updated it's index to 4.23 billion web pages.

Google Past, Present and Future

Regardless of how anxious or excited you are to see that the Google bot has visited you site and hopefully your rankings increase, your job is far from over. We're going to forget about one word for now.. Florida (dating ourselves now aren't we?) Let us disregard any crazy optimization or de-optimization ideas and focus on traditional Google web page optimization techniques.

What does Google look for?

Keywords Anyone?
Keywords yes keywords. Starting to see a relevant topic on web page optimization? Much like Inktomi Google loves keywords, but the keyword density of your page can make or break you. Too little or too many can hurt you. There is no magic number, but significant weight is placed on the first 25 words but the more content you have, the better off you are.

Your going to want to concentrate your Google Web Page Optimization efforts
on getting the following:

  • Keywords in the URL
  • Keywords in the Title Tag (4-10 words)
  • Keywords in the Description and Keywords Tag (although Google may not take them into consideration.. use them anyway to optimize "across the board")
  • Keywords in ALT Tags
  • Keywords in the body (remember keyword rich original content)
  • Keywords in Links (links to your web page using your keywords)
    i.e. (Web Page Optimization by MOMC)
  • Update pages and add new content often

Choosing a URL
We can use the URL of this site as a great example when considering a Google friendly URL. This site is about Web Page Optimization, hence the URL: www.web-page-optimization.com. The URL could have easily been a flashy company name that looked cool or sounded interesting, but www.web-page-optimization.com get's the point across to the user and to Google.

Title and Meta Tags
Even though Google doesn't really take into effect your meta tags it does weigh heavily on the title tag. But that doesn't mean you should ignore them (there are other engines out there). Jill Whalen just published a great article called "Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and Keywords" over at Search Engine Guide. It's a great read and even a valued refresher on the topic.

Getting Listed
Google states that it will find your web page regardless if you do not submit to them (they only offer free submission) but it can't hurt to try to speed things up. Googlebot will follow all the links in your site so make sure all your pages are linked and only submit your homepage.

Click here to submit your URL to Google for FREE

Google also doesn't like dead-end sites. Get text links to your site and from your site to others, you want to increase the web and not make your web page a dark corner.

There is a great tool called SpyderTrax from Darrin Ward that allows you to see when the google bot has visited your web page.

Click here for more information on SpyderTrax

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