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Submitting Optimized Web Pages to DMOZ


In the General Web Page Optimization Guidelines section we briefly touched on the subject of the DMOZ, the Open Directory Project. Much like Yahoo, being included in DMOZ gives your bonus points with search engines. The better your description and category placement, the more points your site receives.

The horror stories that surround submitting to DMOZ are endless. DMOZ was broken for months on end at one point in time and people have submitted repeatedly to various categories. Never seeing their web site listed or hearing a response to the deaf ears of DMOZ is more than common. The charge to Submit to DMOZ is FREE, with no guarantee you will actually be listed. DMOZ volunteer editors are strict on the criteria for being added to the directory, they strive to keep the directory clean and full of relevant content for web sites in their appropriate category.

DMOZ does now allow:

  • MLM (Multi Level Marketing) sites
  • Affiliate sites
  • Adult sites
  • Web sites that contain broken links
  • Web sites that are under construction
  • Web sites that do not contain appropriate contact information

When submitting you DMOZ make sure your web page optimization techniques are in tip-top shape as well as the content. Also make sure your currently not listed already within the directory. Original sites carry a lot of weight in DMOZ so don't mess up your 1st choice category submission with something as simple as a dead end link or by not adhering to DMOZ guidelines.

How to Submit to DMOZ

To submit to DMOZ browse to the category you wish to be included in and click on "suggest URL" in the upper right hand corner. (see example below)

Submit to DMOZ

If your content is relevant and your web page optimization is bulletproof you have a good chance. Never stop trying because first of all it's free, and your pretty much included in DMOZ for life. Good luck!

Another new directory you may want to check out is the Morrison Directory.
The Morisson Directory has various categories to submit your site to including: Hardware Add URL - Internet Add URL- Web Design Add URL - Internet Marketing Add URL - Financial Aid URL - Software Add URL - Directories - Health Add URL

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